Employee Reviews

Employee Reviews

11/16/2022 - Glassdoor

Great mission and team Pros:team mates are supportive, hardworking, fun to be around. Great pay and benefits. Cons:Sometimes hard to find people with the same worth ethic and values. Advice to Management:Keep looking for people who are willing/open to learn from others, who have a positive attitude.

Benefits C.
9/07/2022 - Indeed

Warm culture with lots of support I've learned a lot about insurance processes in this role. It's a lot of information in the beginning, but it's not difficult work. Management gave me great support in my training, and my coworkers provide lots of additional help when needed. The hardest part of my job is managing the different spinning plates...this is definitely a role that requires strong organization and time management skills. The most enjoyable part of my job is the little details that make everyone else's work easier. I love working with the patient's and easing their anxieties. I love supporting my team and making their day go smoothly. The one thing I would change is the requirement to use PTO on holidays that the office is closed. In my mind, I wish that was optional, as I would choose to work most holidays in an effort to save that PTO for time when I specifically request off. Otherwise, the company benefits, particularly the employee dental plan, are great and satisfactory.

Pediatric C.
9/07/2022 - Indeed

Hawaii Family Dental is a fun place to work all thanks to the people I am here with ๐Ÿ™‚ Hawaii family Dental has been the best job I have worked for so far in my job journey. I feel very comfortable and appreciated in this office, and can see myself being here for a long time. All of the people I work with are amazing and very caring. Benefits are great, and they do what they can to make sure you are happy with the work schedule that you need. Our boss does what she can to show us her appreciation by taking us out to do fun things around the island. I love that with this job you can only go up from where you start, there is always so many opportunities to move up and forward in this office. I have learned so much more about dental that I didn't know in just one short year of working here. This will be home for a long time and I am excited to spend many years in this office ๐Ÿ™‚
Pros Free teeth cleanings
Cons nothing bad to say

Dental A.
9/07/2022 - Indeed

Best work enviroment! Co-workers relationship is the best I have experienced working in a big office. Everyone gets what needs to be done but we are able to have fun! love the spontaneous coffee/donut days! We also have fun pizza parties!

Patient C.
9/06/2022 - Indeed

Great Place to Work I've been working at HFD for a few months now and everyone from the staff, management and patients have been very welcoming and supportive during my time here. Everyday I'm learning something new about the dental field and how to better assist our patients and team. The job does get challenging at times, but the team has been there every step of the way to help me through it.
Pros great team work
Cons high work load

Assistant O.
8/22/2022 - Indeed

The most rewarding job I have ever had! I completely love my job and position and so thankful that I found this company. HFDC has given me the opportunity to grow from within. They trained and supported me along the way as well. I have now been with the company for 8 years that I feel a sense of loyalty with them!I have built my own team here at HFDC and I couldn't be more pleased with the outcome!

Operations M.
8/19/2022 - Indeed

Growth Opportunity Iโ€™ve been with Hawaii Family Dental for 8 years and have been able to grow within the company. Tons of room for advancement and opportunity! Glad to be apart of an amazing team.

Support S.
8/18/2022 - Glassdoor

Terrific Team - Will pitch in and help whenever and wherever it's needed Pros:Stable job, plenty of opportunities to learn and advance your career. The team is terrific; my co-workers and manager is supportive and will help wherever is needed. I get the right amount of feedback to do my job. Cons:None that come to mind!

Support S.
8/18/2022 - Indeed

Fun, Supportive, and Hard-Working Team! I love my co-workers and manager! Our team is fun, supportive of each other, and works hard. I enjoy getting to know my co-workers outside of work during our annual bbq and other team building activities.

Director o.
8/17/2022 - Indeed

Awesome company with benefits and growth One of the best jobs I've had. I have seen myself and my peers grow in our careers. Great people to work with and great patients. Highly recommend! Mahalo!

Human R.
8/17/2022 - Indeed

AMAZING Co-Workers and Company Hawaii Family Dental has a great culture that fosters growth and collaboration. Everyone is HAPPY to help each other out and there are opportunities to grow and further your career! Almost all of the managers started as a dental assistant or front desk position which is amazing because they have so much knowledge to share. The most enjoyable thing about coming to work is the people I get to work with everyday!

Patient C.
8/15/2022 - Indeed

Good Staff workers Working at Hawaii Family Dental Center has it's ups and downs bur overall it's a fast pace field. You need to be able to adapt to change very quickly. This job can be very rewarding at times. Our Kihei office works very well each other and we all get along.

Benefit C.
8/15/2022 - Indeed

Team Work, benefits, great team Enjoy being able to help people. Team work is the dream work when it works. Always learning something new, Hardest part of the job is telling people to get off my desk, they want to talk story and we all got things to do. Enjoyable part is helping people get their smiles back.

Benefits C.
8/15/2022 - Indeed

Good Staff workers Good the staff/Providers easy to talk to and very personable. Team workWorking flow in centerFacility EnvironmentFriendly toward patient and staffVery convenient work hours

Operations m.
8/15/2022 - Indeed

Great place to work Love thus company's mission and goals ..patient Care and the best doctors and staff. Willing to train on the job. Fun place to work..they love to participate with community events and team events

Dental H.
6/01/2022 - Glassdoor

Great place to work Pros:Teamwork
Good bosses/management that listens
Autonomy of schedule
Cons:Lots of different providers
Lots of previous/former providers
Computer system can be touchy and slow

Dental A.
5/18/2022 - Glassdoor

Good place to get exposure to the dental career field Pros:Great doctors, great management, great coworkers, opportunity to view and work in multiple specialties of dentistry, supportive team. Opportunity to hone clinical skills.
Cons:Lower starting pay compared to work opportunities overall in Kona.

Anonymous E.
4/26/2022 - Glassdoor

awesome company and friendships Pros:competitive salary & growth opportunity
Cons:none that I can think of

4/01/2022 - Glassdoor

Large Dental group with opportunities Pros:Flexibility to work in different locations or islands if company needs or you move
Management and training programs are improving
Listening to the staff for what they need
Competitive compensation packages
Lots of help from other people and teams
When you find your people in the company, it makes it feel like you have support and help
Cons:Large group practice with many working parts
Much of management isn't in your office so it can seem like they are removed from your every day tasks
With so many teams sometimes its hard to get the full picture of what is expected
Advice to Management:Continue listening to your staff for what they truly need to help their job. Provide more training and clear information on what is expected of us

Benefits C.
2/19/2021 - Glassdoor

Great Team ! Pros:On the job training, great office team
Cons:high turnover for providers and staff

Benefit C.
2/16/2021 - Glassdoor

Great People, Great Times Pros:Most of the people you work with are fun and friendly. Helping each other out and learning different skills to help the entire team is a true benefit of working here.
Cons:Some days can be stressful, but what job doesn't have it's days?!
Advice to Management:Listen to your employees and empathize with what everyone is going through. Be encouraging and grateful with who you have because not everyone is the same.

Registered D.
2/16/2021 - Glassdoor

A great working environment Pros:Total team work all around
Cons:The daily stress of production total

Manager i.
2/15/2021 - Glassdoor

great place to work Pros:great hours, great pay, multiple locations
Cons:often short staffed or rescheduling

Dental A.
12/04/2020 - Glassdoor

Good Pros:Clean office, big office, nice office,
Cons:Bathroom, ppe, opportunity, salary, space
Advice to Management:Nothing

Verification S.
11/03/2020 - Glassdoor

Room for improvement. Pros:HFDC is very good company I learn and experience a lot of things specially in terms of dentistry and a very caring company for their employee.
Cons:Honestly, compare to other company the salary is lower than others.
Advice to Management:More sufficient and explore a lot about managing the company and specially to their employee.

PAT -.
11/03/2020 - Glassdoor

Happy to work here. Pros:Happy to work with HFDC that amidst of the pandemic they gave us the opportunity to work from home.
Cons:More incentives hopefully in the near future.
Advice to Management:More power to us and more career opportunity for everyone.

Verification S.
11/03/2020 - Glassdoor

verify information getting the right coverage. Pros:Its nice to work here for the position and for my salary
Cons:i don't have downside for the company
Advice to Management:Just for yearly increase much better

Patient C.
10/29/2020 - Glassdoor

A Good place for me Pros:good co workers and director
Cons:limited benefits offered, multi tasking
Advice to Management:additional hmo beneficiary, additional leave benefits

Patient C.
10/29/2020 - Glassdoor

Work Place Survey Pros:Harmonious work place and people
Cons:Only one spot shuttle service
Advice to Management:Limited product training . Product Knowledge is very important , front liners are the life of the business . Organized training is a must . Internal growth is limited.

10/28/2020 - Glassdoor

HFD work environment Pros:One of the best reason to work with HFD is that we treat each other as a family and permanent work schedule.
Cons:* Centers don't have one standard procedures which makes scheduling patients a little confusing specially for newbies
Advice to Management:*Keep up the good work

Patient C.
10/28/2020 - Glassdoor

Review Pros:It's easy to open up with the managers if there's an issue and they handle it well.
Cons:some people in the office are rude

Patient C.
10/28/2020 - Glassdoor

Be a part of something great! Pros:A good and awesome place to work.
Cons:You have to be a multi tasking rep.:)

Patient C.
10/28/2020 - Glassdoor

Great Management, Helpful Colleagues and Productive work Pros:Stress-free environment and the bonus I get is based not only on my efforts but the team's efforts as well. You'll work hard get the bonus, not because someone higher wants you to.
Cons:Too early to tell, but if there's any I think it will be the limited overtime.
Advice to Management:Keep up the great work! You guys have great people skills. Keep the great bond and connection with us. Communication is always the key. Thanks!

Patient C.
10/28/2020 - Glassdoor

Great company! Pros:It's a work, life, balance company which gives me more time to improve myself as a person. The management is also open for feed back which is excellent.
Cons:Most of the centers have different operating procedures which makes our job a bit complicated.

Patient C.
10/28/2020 - Glassdoor

Great Work Environment Pros:I really admire the great work environment set with the team I am with.
Really please with my current stay in the company.
Cons:Sudden updates are sometimes not well coordinated
Advice to Management:None at the moment

Patient C.
10/28/2020 - Glassdoor

Healthy Working Relationship Pros:The superiors are very appreciative. The team is very caring and accommodating.
Cons:none so far ,all good
Advice to Management:Please continue taking care of your employees and we will take care of your business!

Quality A.
10/28/2020 - Glassdoor

My thoughts about the company Pros:I love how diverse the environment at our workplace. They really value work life balance and the management is indeed great! This is the first time I encounter a workplace where people are like your childhood friends.
Cons:Right now, I can't think of any reasons.
Advice to Management:I am just hoping that we can keep the WFH set up til the pandemic ends or at least we have a vaccine.

10/20/2020 - Indeed

Great people The people by far is what stands out at Hawaii Family Dental. Everyone is willing to help you and is committed to doing good work. I feel supported by my peers and have an opportunity to learn new things.
Pros great benefits and stable schedules

Dental A.
4/03/2020 - Indeed

exciting, growing DSO A rapidly growing company led by a gifted CEO. There are many challenges but a great chance to learn. Practicing on an island has a lot of challenges and you need to be creative to overcome them.

2/06/2020 - Indeed

Very great The coworkers were great loved going to work everyday I enjoyed what I did while I was there. I did a lot of filing, organizing, office planning which I enjoy and the people and environment was fun and friendly.

Dental A.
9/27/2019 - Indeed

Productive I enjoy working here, it is somewhere that you are constantly learning and can always have new experiences. The people you work with are always willing to help, and it gives the weekends off as well.

Patient C.
9/23/2019 - Indeed

Teamwork is a major part of this company Hawaii Family Dental believes in teamwork. That is the greatest aspect of the company. The doctors and dental assistant are amazing. The front staff works very hard to make sure things are in order for a patients visit. Which puts them in overload for what is required. I believe if some of the way the front is ran could be changed the office as a whole would improve. I do appreciate the opportunity that was given and the awesome staff I was graced with. I will forever remember and love HFDC.
Pros Great gatherings to celebrate birthdays and births
Cons Not a true interest in the employees

Dental A.
6/19/2019 - Indeed

Supportive and fun Hawaii Family Dental is a great place to work! It is the perfect blend of family and business. There are lots of locations though out the state. I was actually recommended to HFD by a friend that works at a different location. It is nice to know my friend loved her job enough to refer me. Working at a Dental Center is great if you need to get work done on your teeth too!! I feel like I am making a difference in the community.
Pros good training, lunch, good coworkers, promotions
Cons Traffic is hit or miss

4/05/2019 - Indeed

Former Employee Benefits, Co-workers, and Dr's are what made me love being there. Great benefits and 401k package. Management can improve. More listening to how employees feel and they'll be able to maintain employees. Overall, it's a great company to work for.
Pros Benefits
Cons Management

3/13/2019 - Indeed

Advancing in the Workplace Workplace culture is something we take with pride. Not only are the patients are the priority, but the Operations Manager and Head Doctor lead in creating a growing environment for all team members.
Pros free lunches and training

Dental A.
3/13/2019 - Indeed

Fun and family oriented work environment This company has been by far the best company I've worked for. When I first started everyone was very patient and are willing to teach. It's also a family oriented work place so everyone that you work with becomes like family, also everyone treats each other with respect. They stand by you, help you learn, and are willing to do all they can for you to achieve your goals as an employee. There is no better place!
Pros Paid Holidays, Advancement opportunities

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